demolition rotator freecoaster wheel

Demolition Rotator V2 Freecoaster Wheel

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Rotator V2 Freecoaster


  • Spacing: 110 mm
  • Rear Axle Type: 14mm
  • Pitch Center Diameter (PCD): Drive side: ø57.5mm Non Drive Side: ø57.5
  • Hub Center to Flange: 26.4 mm
  • Hub Shell Bearing Type: 6002 (x1) non-drive side, 7905 ACB (x1) drive side
  • Available in either left hand drive or right hand drive drivers
  • Available in either 9t or 10t drivers.
  • Zero Rim
  • 36H Only
  • Double-walled design
  • Two vertical ribs for added strength
  • Welded seam to stay secure and durable
  • Extra drilling on inner wall to reduce weight
  • Rim Depth: 12mm
  • ERD: 389