WMBC-Socialtrack Team

This year we have many plans for Socialtrack and projects lined up to make cycling fun, to even this out I decided to enter the WEMBO 24hr Solo Mountain Bike Championships on a single speed bike. 

Some people thought this idea was crazy and about 1 other person thought this idea was great. From this idea, we happened across creating a Socialtrack team. We mentioned this idea to some of the guys at the Wishaw Mountain Bike Club and soon we had a small team of "willing" participants, looking at our small team we decided that we would solely focus on endurance racing with this team.

You may be asking why just endurance and why just older guys? Well, the reason is we have never tried team management before and we wanted to try some silly distance challenges. 

So we have two aims with the squad. The first one is that they actually try and win something, anything, and secondly is that we learn enough about team logistics to be able to properly run and manage a youth team next year, which we imagine might be slightly harder to run than a bunch of old guys who will hopefully be able to help firefight any bad decisions.

We also think our new pumptrack may help to bring new talent to our attention that may have been missed before, a talent that may contain future champions who come from an area of deprivation may never have discovered cycling.

So our team is me, Paul Burns, and Russell McCoull. We'll have some of those athlete profiles that look cool in the future but just now we will say hello and be off to train for the Kielder Chiller.


wmbc-socialtrack endurance mountain bike team