2018 Plans

Well, it is nearly February so probably time to tell you some of our plans for the year ahead.

During February we will be going into some of the local primary schools and providing bike tuition, this will then lead onto doing pump track tuition after the Easter holidays, setting the kids up for a summer of shredding.

As well as our pumptrack teaching we will also be teaching skateboarding with the same primary schools. These are both new ideas for the schools and we will be leading the way in bringing forward the next batch talented Scottish kids.

It will also be worth noting that during these times the pumptrack's use will be limited to the schools that are having lessons.This is why the pumptrack was built and this will hopefully lead on to more being built if we make a success of it, so please don't moan about not being able to get on certain times, consider these peak busy times and best to be avoided rather than it being closed. These times will be posted on the Facebook page and on this blog.

We have set up an endurance mountain bike team, a team made up of old folks so that we can work out the logistics of a youth team with a lot less stress. 

There will be an official pumptrack opening day in Easter holidays, which will include a jam and a load of fun things, honestly, they will be fun and you will enjoy them.

In the summer holidays, the school classes will be turned loose on the public and people will be able to sign their kids up for classes. Again the track will be closed to the public during these times but as we keep saying this is what will ensure the pumptrack stays and more facilities get built.

We will then return to schools in autumn with a bigger syllabus and with a few more schools signed up, all leading to more people having fun and engaging with active transport/leisure.